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  • Why should I use Harmony?
    • High-level modeling accelerates test automation and supports in-sprint test automation • Our new modeling technique detects more bugs • Manual testers can use it as Harmony doesn’t require coding – all competitor tools do Our techniques are provable better than traditional ones, read Modern Software Testing Techniques for details.
  • Can I use Harmony for free?
    Yes, you can make a model, you can use the unit test modelling part for free. You can also try all the features until your test execution number reaches a certain amount.
  • Shall I install Harmony?
    No, Harmony is a web tool. However, instead of Cloud Run, you can use your local Playwright Runner. In this case, Node.js is required and the execution of the runner.
  • What are the system and software requirements for Harmony?
    Operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS Browsers: • Chrome • Firefox • Edge Safari is currently not supported.
  • How is Harmony different from its competitors?
    Non-model-based testing tools apply no or ad-hoc test design, resulting in poor-quality software. Traditional models can be stated when the application is ready. Some coding is also required. The tools support either stateless or stateful solutions, but not both. Modeling the output is difficult as at a given node more values can occur. None of these problems happen for using Harmony.
  • How difficult is it to learn and use Harmony?
    Harmony is easy to learn and use. After a one-day tutorial, most users can use it. However, making a mental model is not easy as you should convert textual requirements into a model
  • How does Harmony handle selectors?
    It generates stable selectors based on IDs or special attribute data-*. Selectors are easily modified in one place.
  • Does Harmony use Selenium / Webdriver?
    No, currently Harmony is integrated with Playwright.
  • Can I use Harmony in the case of different organizations with the same authentication?
    Yes, you can select among more organizations and your personal projects with the same authentication using a single email address and password.
  • Can I use Harmony without any programming knowledge?
    Yes, we introduced a simple modelling called action-state testing which is the only method where no coding is required.
  • Which knowledge is necessary to use Harmony?
    A basic test design knowledge is necessary to make the abstract model. Using our user guide is usually enough. You can solve tricky exercises here or you can learn more by reading our book.
  • Can I test React/Angular/Vue applications using Harmony?
    Yes, you can as Playwright can do it.
  • Can I execute my test cases in parallel?
    Yes, four test cases are executed in parallel. Your test cases should be entirely independent.
  • Can Harmony be used for performance testing?
    Yes, but the main purpose of it is functional testing.
  • Can Harmony projects be edited by more users in parallel?
    Yes, if you created a project then you are the project owner and can permit others to edit or just read your project. Then more people can edit a project except for the same feature.
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